Stillwater Fire Tower Restored

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by daveb, Aug 14, 2016.

  1. daveb

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    Here is an interesting article about the recent restoration of the Stillwater Fire Tower on Stillwater Mountain in northern Herkimer County in upstate New York. It doesn't rival the elevation of the many fire towers in the Adirondack Park, but does offer great views of Mount Morris, Whiteface, and 195 wind turbines towards Lake Ontario.

    The mountain was also a triangulation station as part of the surveying of the Adironacks.

    Its an easy one mile hike, 560 feet of elevation. It would be a good introduction to fire towers in New York.

    More info at
  2. Flint Edge

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    Dave - That's cool. Do you want to put together a hike? My scouts and I are doing the ADK Firetower challenge right now. We did Blue Mountain last, tough uphill climb lol.. Here is more info on the challenge?
  3. daveb

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    It looks like its about and hour round trip for the hike, but a 3 hour drive so I think finding a few other activities would make it a more interesting expedition. I'll have to see what other adventures are in that area or if there's another tower out that way.

    Stillwater was added this year as the 30th tower.

    Note that its closed during hunting season, but we have a while before that this year.
  4. Flint Edge

    Flint Edge Administrator Staff Member

    Sounds good. Let's see what else there is to do in the area..

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